Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Long time, no update. I see this becoming a pattern. Mainly ebcause the main KN Blog does this blog's job, but better. Yet, it's still here, and that's because it is actualy kinda something spechial.

While it was designed to co-inside witht he launch of the new site, (Next Month, peeps!) and it's got updates on it, I doubt anyone's read it, so we're lucky. That,a nd the enw site is being completly overhauled since that psot, but key elements still remain, I guess.

The site will be awsome. I can't say too much, but they'll be two further blogs on their, as well as a RSS feed to the normal KN Blog, and a sort-of "Replacment" for this one. Yes, there will be a new Staff Blog, in addition to many an article and Editorial of mine or Grancko's on the Homepage.

Basicly: if you're reading this: Enjoy.

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