Tuesday, 25 March 2008

I hope you don't mind ... here I am

I know toaroni said I don't need to write anything yet before the new (really awesome, this much I can tell you) page comes up, but I just felt I have to put something inhere.

I'm KnightGhost, one of the members of the staff - one of the moderators. For the beginning I would like to tell you what I'm doing on our site. I'm Global Moderator, but I'm also the Bionicle writer. That's why I'm posting here. I would like to tell you what I've already written there and what is yet to come.

For now you can find Bionicle evolution which consists with the whole evolution of the characters we first met on Mata Nui. Here are Toa Nuva, Turaga and some Matoran who play the important role in the past, present and also future happenings.

The evolution is practically finished as in Metru Nui and on other islands so far no one evolved to much so I just had to invent something new. For this purpose the story continues with fusions, where also beasts will be included. I have a bit leak of data, but I'll manage.

I also plan to finish (it's already almost done) The Bionicle history which covers all fields from the storyline to the sets, books, movies etc. Well, I presume TR is expecting for it to be as short as possible and this is my major problem when I start to write ... The history will be presented on new site so when the site will officially come out, you just have to visit it.

My plans for getting in touch with Greg Farshtey the main author of the Bionicle books and comics and do little interview with him is still here, but I just have a bit difficulties to get the fresh contact possibilities as on BZP they disabled the PM system for new members. But I'll find my way so the interview is still to be expected if I get the positive answer from Greg.

What else ... oh, well something what has nothing to do with Bionicle and I don't even know if it's interesting for you or not but ... I've started to write the story ... story about Ghosts like me and will exclusively be posted on Knight-Nui forum.

Well, this is it for now. Enjoy!

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