Monday, 3 March 2008

Welcome To The New Website!

OK. Welcome, I guess. This is Toaroni here. The person who man who designed this site, and I think for today’s debut of the All-New Knight-Nui Staff Blog, I’ll just show you around a bit. You know, introduce you to all the new features and the likes.

So then, what’s first? Well, you’ve probably found your way to this page and are having a look at this guide/blog entry/news article, so you’re not doing too badly. Now, where to start…

How about the homepage. With two pieces of artwork that we’ve got exclusively on KN and some of our latest articles, plus links to everywhere around our “Network”, including our YouTube Channel, the Knight-Nui Blog which is currently under the command of Gibbon, and the well-known and well-loved Forums. The other section on the page shows our News.

More? Well clicking onto News gives you a summed up version of the main news right now. These include stuff like the fact that the Fourth Series of Doctor Who is starting, to this site launching, and major updates for the Website or Forums.

Then onto our page with the History, latest TV and Blog (The proper thing’s coming soon, mind), plus Thanks to our staff.

The Gaming section is probably the one that’s taken the msot time and effort, though. It’s massive! So far the Wii section has the most content for you to enjoy, so we’ll take that as an example, but it’s almost the same on the DS Section, and the upcoming 360/PS3 ones. Firstly, select “Wii” from the drop-down menu, then have a quick look over the Top #10 Games, and some others. And the worst. And previews and features. Quite a lot, eh? You havn’t seen the half of it.

Our YouTube channel has just stepped up a notch into the KN “World”, so now click on a game, say, Super Mario galaxy and it’s almighty 99% Score. Once your there, you’ll see a box with part of the review in it. Feel free to scroll down and read on more of it. But it’s just beging. Not convinced by the review? We’ve not only got score break-down for you, plus the most exciting part- A Video for you to watch! So far this hasn’t been applied to every game, but it should be done very soon, so watch out for that!

But then, you can explore whatever tickles your fancy. We’ve got huge reviews of the latest games, features a plenty, more of KNTV, Doctor Who episode guides, LEGO Set Reviews, Retrospectives & Features, the good ol’ forums, and much, much more.


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